Travel with a Purpose:
Climbing Kilimanjaro / Do Safari / Do  Zanzibar for Kids in Tanzania

You can be part of us by joining one of our groups for climbing Kilimanjaro , go safari or go zanzibar. We donate 10% of our profit made in each trip  to the children . I joined this team A childhood for children  in Sep 2021. I donated $80 directly to the center and now I decided to keep helping children from what I get from my business. I also join Radhika and John to tell them about Tanzanian children,  so I play my part as donor and ambasador .

Lets listen to John and Radhika on their trip to Mt Kilimanjaro:

Our Climbing Kili for Kids campaign made it possible for us to serve over 700 children in Tanzania. Board members Radhika & John traveled to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and partnered with orphanages and schools to fulfill the basic needs of children, delivering:

  • ~6,500 pounds of rice, beans, porridge
  • ~5,000 notebooks, textbooks, and pencils
  • 135 sweaters & 540 undergarments
  • 30 mattresses, sheets, blankets

But it isn’t just about providing things, it is about spending time with the children and giving them all the love we can.  Board member Radhika, says, It takes a little time and effort to complete these projects, but the rewards are enormous! I always get choked up …in a good way…when I’m with the children…the amount of love and joy I receive is overwhelming!”  

Click here to join the group and be part of the project of helping childrens in Tanzania